Letter to the Editor

Forget about others

NipomoMay 26, 2014 

I recently moved to Nipomo, from New York City.

When I moved here, I got involved with a local issue that now has statewide ramifications: the Phillips Rail Terminal Project.

I wrote to Caren Ray about my concerns, and within moments she responded to my email.

What’s more, the response was well thought out, and not the usual political blather of just thanking me. In NYC, we have an all encompassing phrase which loosely translates into not liking a response, idea or issue:


After listening to the other candidates at several debates talk about jobs — but no program to attract them — and drone on against taxes and regulations and how businesses suffer — but offering no concrete examples — it was clear that Caren was the class of the field, having data at her fingertips, and well-thought out programs and concrete examples of what she has done in office and what she will do. So all I can say about the other candidates is, “forgetaboutit!” Vote for Caren.

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