Letter to the Editor

Change is needed

Arroyo GrandeMay 26, 2014 

On June 3, we have a chance to fundamentally change the direction of the county of San Luis Obispo. We can continue on a path to a larger, more intrusive county government. Or, we can elect a supervisor that will truly unleash the potential of our local economy.

Caren Ray, the current District 4 supervisor, was appointed by Sacramento politicians and has supported an exponential growth of our government, including the increase of 233 fees/taxes. This is the opposite of what is needed to boost our economy. In a time of economic recovery, the last thing we need is more anti-job.

Lynn Compton supports a more responsible approach to better San Luis Obispo County.

This plan includes creating a climate that enables businesses to grow by balancing responsible government with a vibrant economy. We need this sort of sensible policy-making.

We need a supervisor that supports common-sense solutions to get the county government back on track, and there isn’t a better choice to do that than Lynn Compton.

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