Letter to the Editor

Standing by letter

Los OsosMay 25, 2014 

It seems I have upset some people in Cambria with my letter asking people to obey the law by driving the speed limit. Kathe Tanner devoted her entire column in the May 8 Tribune to a scathing review, and Fred Leahy and Lorienne Schwenk agreed with her.

How nice that the people in Cambria have time to lollygag. I also like to go slow when I am driving the beautiful byways of Cambria, but when I am on Highway 1, I drive the speed limit. In SLO, things move at a slightly faster pace. I do not advocate people tearing down the road at 75 mph, and of course there are reasons for driving slow (looking for an address, hauling a wedding cake), but driving slower than the speed limit with no way to pass is rude and inconsiderate of fellow drivers when you are on a major artery of traffic.

I stand by my letter that driving the speed limit avoids traffic jams, helps the flow of traffic and prevents road rage. Does anyone agree with me?

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