Letter to the Editor

Keep the county safe

CayucosMay 22, 2014 

I am writing to express my strong support and endorsement for Tim Covello, candidate for San Luis Obispo County district attorney.

As former vice chairman of the California State Bar’s Committee of Bar Examiners and a member of its Moral Character Screening Committee, I understand and appreciate the high level of moral character and commitment to ethics a person must possess to be trusted with the responsibilities of this job. I have known Tim for 20 years and firmly believe that during his tenure as an assistant district attorney, he was an effective advocate for the citizens of this county and a principled prosecutor.

Despite some suggestions to the contrary, this is a nonpartisan race. While I am a former chairman of the San Luis Obispo County Republican Central Committee, I am happy to join the many citizens from both sides of the aisle who have come forward to support Tim’s candidacy.

I believe that Tim Covello will keep our county as safe and secure as it has been in the capable hands of all past San Luis Obispo County district attorneys.

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