Letter to the Editor

A clear front-runner

Paso RoblesMay 22, 2014 

After reading The Tribune’s endorsement of Tim Covello, I did my own assessment of who I think would better serve the District Attorney Office’s top spot. I read the webpages for both candidates and specifically looked at who endorsed them.

Five law enforcement associations in the county and the SLO District Attorney Association endorsed Dan Dow. Not a single group is listed on Mr. Covello’s site. Why is that? What do these professionals, who work day in and day out with the DA’s Office, know about these two men that we voters do not?

I believe they know best who is right to serve in this position. Also, as stated in the May 4 article “DA’s race about experience, priorities,” the majority of the deputy district attorneys support Mr. Dow. Change isn’t all bad, and new leadership is welcomed, especially in a county that has seen an uptick in gang crime and a continual lessening of resources.

Instead of writing your front-page article that led to nowhere, try finding out why Mr. Dow is the front-runner with the professionals in this county.

Sorry, Tribune, I’m voting for Dan Dow.

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