Letter to the Editor

Many endorsements

San Luis ObispoMay 21, 2014 

We’re very fortunate to have so many outstanding law enforcement agencies in our county, but if we don’t have a top-notch District Attorney’s Office that can effectively take the evidence gathered by these agencies into our courtrooms, the law enforcement process will fail.

Comparing the qualifications of Tim Covello with those of Dan Dow, this is what I see:

Covello is widely acknowledged as the best trial lawyer in the DA’s office; Dow doesn’t have a tenth of Covello’s experience. How do you oversee felony cases when you’ve only tried one of them?

Covello has held every management position in the DA’s office and is currently second-in-command; Dow has held just one position, the same position he was hired for six years ago. How do you oversee an office when you aren’t familiar with how it works?

Covello’s endorsements include Dow’s current boss, Gerald Shea; former boss, retired Riverside County District Attorney Grover Trask; and police chiefs from all over the county.

If you want to honor the hard work of the deputies and police officers in our county and ensure public safety in our community, please vote for Covello.

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