Letter to the Editor

Dependable service

NipomoMay 21, 2014 

Mike Byrd, a South County business owner for nearly three decades comes to us with eight years of county government experience — a solid working foundation from which to motivate our current board to work together toward finding solutions for the tough issues this county is facing.

Over nearly three decades, Byrd has put into action his commitment to truly serving his community to the very best his diverse range of abilities affords. No fanfare, just plain, solid, dependable time and energy volunteered for the benefit of his community. Byrd is focused on how to best serve his community and is the only candidate who is independent of partisan politics and wealthy special interests.

The Board of Supervisors and community would greatly benefit from Byrd’s leadership diplomacy. In voting for Byrd, you can rest assured he is not being swayed by special interests or anything other than serving the residents of his district to the best of his abilities. He has the experience and is committed to finding solutions toward ensuring this beautiful county remains a wonderful place to live. We need leadership with a vision. Please give Mike Byrd your vote!

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