Letter to the Editor

The right person

Cambria and Paso RoblesMay 18, 2014 

We were stunned when Tim Covello, candidate for district attorney, tried to take credit during a candidates’ debate for helping establish the Veterans Treatment Court in San Luis Obispo County. The two of us (with some nudging by our fellow Legionnaire Glenn Donaldson) first broached the idea of a Veterans Treatment Court with the county veterans service officer. We attended nearly every meeting where the idea of establishing a Veterans Treatment Court was considered and the details worked out. Tim Covello was nowhere to be found.

Establishing the Veterans Treatment Court was delayed for several months while Covello and his boss, District Attorney Gerry Shea, dragged their feet. Neither of them attended any of the meetings, nor did they offer any support. It was only after Deputy District Attorney Dan Dow exercised some leadership and broke the logjam did the Veterans Treatment Court proposal gain momentum. Dan Dow, himself a veteran, worked tirelessly from inside the county bureaucracy to get the job done.

Refreshingly, Dow proceeded with the Veterans Treatment Court project not out of political motivation, but because it was the right thing to do. Dan Dow is the right person to lead the District Attorney’s office into the future.

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