Letter to the Editor

Hail to the chief

Arroyo GrandeMay 18, 2014 

The city of Arroyo Grande got very lucky in 2007 when Fire Chief Michael Hubert came to work for us, and now as hard as it is, we must wish him well in retirement.

To be great leader you must be confident, but keep your ego in check. You need to give firm direction, while maintaining respect for those who report to you.

You need to keep an open mind and be a good listener, but know when to step in and take the lead. You must be thoughtful and intelligent, and most of all you need to be a nice and genuine person who people want to work for. Chief Hubert of the Five Cities Fire Authority has all these qualities. He truly cares about his employees, the citizens and the communities he serves. The floors at the firehouses respect him very much and this is a testament to his qualities as a leader. He very much deserves to retire and relax, but I, for one, am sad to see him go. His shoes will be almost impossible to fill. Good luck, chief.

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