Letter to the Editor

Don’t reject science

Morro BayMay 15, 2014 

According to an April 22 Tribune article, a recent poll showed that four out of 10 Americans don’t believe in global warming and 51 percent reject the Big Bang theory. I assume percentages are similar for those who refuse to accept evolution as scientific fact.

If the United States is going to be the best educated nation in the world — and at present it isn’t — rejection of scientific proof must end. Our population is going to have to emerge from the Dark Ages that have been imposed on us from sources that should have been leading us into the 21st century.

Blame cannot be laid strictly on our classrooms. As long as certain leaders in Washington continue to preach ignorance and school boards choose myth over fact for their students’ textbooks, we will be in trouble in a world that is now dominated by science.

Those dedicated to discovering the truth about our origins, seeking an end to the diseases that plague us and working to ensure a healthy future for our planet have earned the support, belief and collaboration of all our citizens.

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