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Cambria pickleball

CambriaMay 14, 2014 

Thanks for your excellent article on Paso Robles pickleball (May 5). It’s great to see our favorite sport get front-page news coverage. Quite some time ago we joined the ranks of tennis players who had to give it up because of injuries and the physical demands of the sport. Then, about a year ago, we found pickleball in Cambria. It’s easier on the knees, hips and shoulders than tennis, and it is so much fun.

Our Cambria club, Cambria Pickleball by the Sea, has quite a few players in their 70s (one in her mid-80s) who all enjoy the competition and social interaction that comes with pickleball. Several local high school players have joined in the fun as well, providing a special high-energy level to our games. Last winter, we also had a number of out-of-state part-time residents seek out our club via the Internet to play pickleball.

Like Paso, the Cambria club (http://cambriapickleball.net) is also hoping to establish permanent pickleball courts in the not-too-distant future. Our first fundraiser will be in September: a Sunday picnic at the Bassetti winery, entertainment by local singer/ songwriter Jill Knight.

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