Vote for experience

May 13, 2014 

We respect the dedicated work of the deputy district attorneys supporting Dan Dow for district attorney, but it is important to point out that they represent only 20 percent of the office employees. It is our belief that the Office of the District Attorney, one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the county, should be entrusted to the most experienced candidate — not to one who does not have the necessary supervisory or management experience needed to run a complex organization.

In his more than 21 years with the office, Assistant District Attorney Tim Covello has demonstrated his ability and excellence in every case and task to which he has been assigned. The deputy district attorneys who support Dow have acknowledged that Covello is the best trial attorney in the office. More importantly, Covello has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in supervisory and management positions involving all aspects of the responsibilities of the office.

Many of us have had the opportunity to work directly with Tim Covello, both on criminal cases and in handling complex, multijurisdictional law enforcement issues. We have seen his ability and managerial courage to make tough decisions based on what is fair, balanced and just for all involved. To continue experienced and effective leadership of the District Attorney’s Office, we urge you to vote for Tim Covello.

Police Chief Steve Annibali*; Police Chief Robert Burton, Paso Robles; Police Chief Jim Copsey, Grover Beach; Police Chief Gary Hoving, Guadalupe; Police Chief George Hughes*; Police Chief Jeff Norton, Pismo Beach; Sheriff Ed Williams (Retired); Police Chief Dennis Cassidy (Retired), Paso Robles; Police Chief John DeRohan (Retired), Morro Bay; Police Chief Jim Gardiner (Retired), San Luis Obispo; Police Chief Larry Holt (Retired), Atascadero State Hospital; Police Chief Rick TerBorch (Retired), Arroyo Grande; Chief Probation Officer Kim Barrett (Retired)

*Editor’s note: Department names for these individuals are not listed because their employers do not allow employees to use agency names in political endorsements.

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