Letter to the Editor

Vote to fix things

Santa MargaritaMay 7, 2014 

People often tell me they’re voting for the best candidates because they have the best chance to win. Why is it that so many people fall into this trap? When are people going to wake up and realize that it is the person of principle who inspires people to vote?

If you are a person who believes this country is headed down the wrong path, shouldn’t you vote for someone who will actually fight to fix things instead of making compromise after compromise? Is it not that constant compromise of our principles that has put our country in this position?

There is only one person in this race to replace Lois Capps who will not compromise his principles, and that is Chris Mitchum. I hope this time around the people of our district will not follow the same mistake we have made in the past. I hope that all of us who want to see this country put back on the right path will join me in supporting the only man on the ballot who will fight for what we believe in.

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