Letter to the Editor

Launching attacks

AtascaderoMay 7, 2014 

As we enter the final phase of the campaign for district attorney, it appears we’ve entered the character-assassination phase. The one launching the attacks is proud to proclaim his 21 years in the DA’s office. In fact, he has spent the past six years in office management.

He has a track record of leadership style, and most of the deputy district attorneys (23) don’t support him and do support Dan Dow. They have worked with both candidates for many years and are convinced that Dow is the only candidate who appreciates their abilities and contributions to the legal system. He is the only candidate who will seriously listen to them and collaborate with them.

They’ve seen Dow’s work and character, and his commitment to the District Attorney’s Office is above reproach. That is why his previous supervisor, former Assistant District Attorney Dan Hilford, supports Dow, as he knows well Dow’s qualifications and experience. A vote for Dan is a vote for the highest integrity and honesty in the office.

I urge you to vote for Dan Dow for district attorney.

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