Letter to the Editor

Unpleasant ride

San Luis ObispoMay 7, 2014 

Patrick Pemberton lucked out — he had an enjoyable train ride. He might as well have won a lottery.

I find trains appealing for the soothing peace and quiet they once offered. I could relax and alternate between reading a dandy mystery, viewing the lovely coastline and countryside, or pondering a strategy for winning the next tiff with my little yum-yum. That’s no longer possible on the SLO-to-L.A. jaunt. Train travel has become a drag. On my last three rides, I either felt as if I was trapped at a Chuck E. Cheese’s for six hours or stuffed in a phone booth against my will, listening to the endless one-way drivel as someone uses any gizmo to avoid having to hear his or her own vacuous inner voice.

I’ll resume train travel when a special car is officially designated for cellphone users and noisy kids. Let them annoy each other.

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