Letter to the Editor

Community needs

San Luis ObispoMay 6, 2014 

How I love the smell of Morro Bay politics in the morning!

There’s Morro Bay City Councilwoman Nancy Johnson answering questions in the April 30 Tribune, saying, “The wastewater treatment plant needs to be built in the most affordable location for our citizens. We are paying experts to once again search for viable sites. We need to evaluate and follow their advice.”

But there was City Councilwoman Nancy Johnson in the Dec. 19 Bay News, which reported that “Johnson has announced that regarding all matters before the council pertaining to the treatment plant, ‘I refuse to vote. It’s their project and I’m not going to participate.’ ”

Taken together, along with her votes to push ahead with the doomed former sewer project, these statements might make voters wonder why Ms. Johnson should continue to sit on the city council. Her talent for following “experts” cost the city $2 million and made her part of the reason why the city needs to “once again search for viable sites.”

She also believes “clear thought” is needed to “address the needs of the community” and “excessive spending.” I hope the voters in my former city by the bay think so, too.

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