Letter to the Editor

Validated vote

San Luis ObispoMay 5, 2014 

In an effort to avoid the appearance of impropriety, Dan Dow asked to be recused from a rape case he was prosecuting after he had accepted $5,000 in contributions (in $2,500 installments) from the defendant’s attorney. At best, Dow’s acceptance and retention of these contributions illustrates exceptionally poor judgment for a candidate for district attorney. Taking an additional $5,000 postrecusal merely added to already poor optics.

I ascribe no nefarious intent to either party here, and am guessing these contributions were made as a matter of enlightened self-interest by the defense attorney. I should think if I were he, charged daily with defending the often indefensible, and ultimately judged based on my success in attaining the best outcomes for my clients, I would support for DA a candidate with limited experience as a prosecutor, few felony jury trials and no apparent relevant management experience, rather than support a 21-year professional prosecutor who has supervised or tried more than 75,000 criminal cases. I would support the guy least likely to make my job more difficult.

These contributions speak loudly about who is best qualified for the position. I believe I owe a big thank you to the defense attorney for validating my vote for Tim Covello.

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