Letter to the Editor

Change of approach

San Luis ObispoMay 5, 2014 

As a homeowner near Cal Poly, I have followed with interest the discussion related to campus housing and parking that has taken place in the news. Personally, I think both the campus and the city need to change their approach.

Building parking structures is an antiquated idea. Why not take the money and reduce tuition for students who leave their cars at home? Or put the money in an account that students can draw from to fly home, take a train or rent a car when needed?

The city is the last one that can talk about impacting our neighborhoods. We have many absentee landlords in our neighborhoods who pack as many students as they can into their rentals. The city allows these landlords to expand the size of their homes and apply for exemptions to the rule that limits the number of unrelated people in a house.

Many of the homes in the Cal Poly area were built in the days of one-car families, not five to six cars that students bring with them. I don’t blame the students — I blame the ordinances that allow for high-density living in residential communities.

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