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Can’t stop adults from drinking

letters@thetribunenews.comMay 2, 2014 

Cal Poly Grad

Cal Poly graduates and their friends and families fill the Alex Spanos Stadium on Saturday, June 15, 2013.


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How’s this for town/gown solidarity? Due to “growing concerns surrounding the overconsumption of alcohol on the morning of Cal Poly commencement” the university and the city of SLO have joined forces in asking downtown drinking establishments to refrain from serving alcohol before 9 a.m. on graduation day. (Or in Cal Poly’s case, graduation days, since ceremonies are set for June 14 and 15.)

According to a letter signed by Mayor Jan Marx and Keith B. Humphrey, vice president for student affairs, over the past several years there’s been an increase in the number of students showing up at commencement “intoxicated, disruptive and disrespectful.”

And whose fault is that? The bars that sell drinks to students? Or college graduates who have so little self-control that they show up sloshed at their own commencement ceremonies — never mind that proud parents, grandparents, assorted aunts and uncles and impressionable little brothers and sisters may be in the audience.

Granted, 6 in the morning seems a tad early to be bellying up to a bar, but as long as bars and pubs are operating according to the rules, we don’t believe the city or the university should impose additional restrictions on graduation day.

After all, graduates who are intent on getting sloppy drunk before the ceremony and ruining one of the best days in their parents’ lives aren’t going to let a little “closed” sign at a bar stop them. They’ll stock up on booze before the big day and drink at home, on the street or wherever. Or they’ll get so drunk the night before they won’t have sobered up by the 9 a.m. ceremony.

So here’s an idea: If students are so inebriated that they’re spoiling graduation, why not do what the bars do and 86 them?

Otherwise, we’ll be serving two rounds of brickbats: One to the drunk and disorderly students who spoil graduation day, and the other to city and university officials who are trying too hard to parent students old enough to take care of themselves.

Hang on for cooler weather

We offer thirst-quenching bouquets of ice plant and water lilies to SLO County residents who’ve been struggling through this record-breaking heat spell. Sure, temperatures in the high 90s are fine if you’re napping under a beach umbrella or relaxing poolside, but if you’re working under the hot sun or stuck inside a stuffy office, it’s been a tough few days. All we can say is hang in there; cooler temperatures are forecast for Saturday.

Congratulations to honored schools

Three elementary campuses in SLO County earned the prestigious title of California Distinguished School this year. We offer congratulatory bouquets to Monterey Road Elementary in the Atascadero district and to Bellevue-Santa Fe and Teach, which are both in the San Luis Coastal district.

Earning this title is no small feat; there is a rigorous application process that includes a site visit from a team of evaluators. The title is a tribute to all associated with these schools: faculty, staff and administration and, of course, students and their families. Good work!

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