Letter to the Editor

Running out of time

San Luis ObispoMay 2, 2014 

I nearly fell off my chair when I read the article about what’s happening to shellfish off the coast of California. A critical staple at the base of the aquatic food chain, pteropods, are suffering from ocean acidification, with shells dissolving in seawater. The carbonic acid which is responsible is threatening many species of ocean fish which feed on pteropods, including salmon, herring, mackerel, whales, dolphins and sea lions.

Now we know that the diminishing land-based food supply, under the threat of drought and melting glaciers, isn’t our only climate change worry. The other CO2 problem is the third of all carbon dioxide emitted by humans which is dissolved in the oceans, making the water corrosive to the tiny creatures at the base of the food chain.

The climate’s red flags are getting bigger and redder. We, along with the oceans, are running out of time. Join me and Citizens’ Climate Lobby in urging our U.S. senators and representatives to support a carbon tax on fossil fuel companies. We must work together now to reduce the burning of fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions before it’s too late to turn the tide.

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