Letter to the Editor

On the way up

Morro BayMay 1, 2014 

Matt Makowetski is clearly on his way up to the Morro Bay City Council.

At a recent event to meet the new candidate, it was refreshing to observe such a positive attitude and a can-do approach. First, Matt is not new to the city government, with his leadership role at the advisory body on Public Works review. One of his success stories was to accelerate street improvements, which many very much appreciated.

Besides, Matt brings 35 years experience as a local resident with three generations behind him, including his father’s role as a fisherman in the port. With his career as a high school teacher, Matt is also a dedicated volunteer, coaching youth teams plus lending a hand to a local nonprofit (surfing for people with special needs).

All these show his willingness to help others, while keeping focus on key priorities for this election, such as: making sure the city has a unified council to move forward, improving the city infrastructure and fixing deficient streets and roads without delay and building a strong council and respect for the city locally and beyond when seeking grants.

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