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Effective leadership

CambriaMay 1, 2014 

I was appalled at district attorney candidate Tim Covello’s insensitive remarks at the last debate with candidate Dan Dow regarding the deputy district attorneys who work under him. By stating that the deputies will have to put in a full day’s work if he is elected, he implied they are lazy and complacent.

He also undercut his own assertion that he is an effective manager. If they don’t work hard under his supervision, how can we expect anything different if he is elected? His statement reveals a management style that is not conducive to a cohesive, motivated organization.

The coup de grace for me, however, was his statement that military officers are not promoted on the basis of the support of the troops they command (referring to the 23 deputies who have endorsed Dow). I served as a commissioned officer in the United States Army. I know the officer promotion criteria. So does Dow. Covello has not served in the military. He is wrong.

Among the criteria considered for promotion of officers is command effectiveness. Any military commander who fails to garner the support of the troops under his/her command should not, and probably will not, be promoted.

The District Attorney’s Office needs a strong, effective leader. Dan Dow is clearly that.

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