Letter to the Editor

True representation

Rural Arroyo GrandeMay 1, 2014 

Why vote for Lynn Compton for 4th District supervisor in San Luis Obispo County?

The Tribune claimed Lynn was too concerned about property rights and endorsed one of her opponents. That statement alone is reason enough to vote for Lynn.

She shares the same straightforward, commonsense approach to local government as the late Paul Teixeira.

Nipomo and the Santa Maria water basin are in no way connected to any of the problems created in Paso Robles and the northern cities. The water basin in Nipomo and Santa Maria already has been adjudicated and the judge in the court ruled that we are all in one water basin and the basin is not over drafted.

Because California is in a very serious state of drought, there are those who use this as an excuse to form a new super water agency, with added taxes and meters on private wells. This agency then could tell farmers when and what to plant.

I believe we need Lynn Compton to stop this grab for power and truly represent Nipomo and the South County.

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