Letter to the Editor

The best of the best

NipomoMay 1, 2014 

Like Caren and her two challengers, I made the short list of candidates for the governor’s consideration. I assure you that there was no partisan purity test. As a former Republican become undeclared voter, I was given every consideration. My work in elected office and expertise in water law and projects were highly valued, and I had a very good shot at filling the empty seat.

The governor chose Ray after very careful vetting, and I am convinced he chose the best of the best. I could have filled the seat and done the work, but she is doing much better than I could have.

I told her frankly early on that if she represented Nipomo and the rest of South County well, I would not oppose her. Ray’s opponents have had little or no experience in South County public service, but she had lots of experience already in public office before her appointment. And she has learned county procedures fast. She’s a good listener and has a record of conserving our resources and values.

I am endorsing Caren Ray for 4th District supervisor without any reservations.

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