Letter to the Editor

Peer support

Los OsosMay 1, 2014 

I want to clarify an inaccuracy that Tim Covello conveyed to the audience in the April 23 DA debate.

He downplayed the fact that Dan Dow’s peers in the DA’s office supported him above Covello for district attorney. Covello also devalued the judgment of the rank-and-file local law enforcement officers throughout the county who overwhelmingly support Dow.

I worked in the Department of the Army’s General Officer Management Office in the Pentagon. Peer evaluations at the general officer level, which I equate with the position of DA, were used as a critical tool to predict successful leadership and make decisions for promotions. There is significant research on the validity of peer evaluations, which reflects that individuals in positions of authority are most successful when they lead those who want to follow.

By all indications, Dow clearly has the mandate to lead the DA’s office and the confidence of his peers in law enforcement. After observing the demeanor of both men throughout the debate, it was not difficult for a student of leadership and character to identify that Dan Dow has the most desirable qualities and vision to lead the DA’s office into the future.

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