Letter to the Editor

Start ignoring Palin

San Luis ObispoMay 1, 2014 

Sarah Palin has become the evil she used to deplore. If you haven’t read her comment before the National Rifle Association, don’t. Media attention has not been good for her personality development, and she has not been good for the personality development of the nation. The media can and might start ignoring her.

Did you ever hear of Dennis Kucinich’s “Prayer for America?” He was a Congressman who ran for president. This nation has forgotten that love is the most powerful force and that all people everywhere are connected, all seeking the essentials of life: freedom to think and to serve and to love, to give and to be, to have families and to make a living. We have the resources to end poverty and to educate all, to share and to help others away from struggle and depravity. We are wasting these resources on weapons and hate and fear and greed.

The road ahead is hard when we have “leaders” who say what Sarah Palin said. She is not the only one.

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