Letter to the Editor

Why ask for cash?

Los OsosApril 30, 2014 

What a concept! Fill a machine with money and leave it unattended for an unknown period of time (“Giving gets a change,” April 25).

While I applaud the efforts of local organizations to try to remedy the situation of panhandling, let’s take a historical look at what San Luis Obispo County has done for the indigent sick, homeless and deceased.

In 1872, it was possible for a person to apply for a county warrant of $10 per month for his proper care and maintenance. These funds came out the SLO County Expense Fund.

General Hospital provided medical care for the indigent sick, and a portion of the IOOF Cemetery was set aside for the burial of indigent folks who died in this county.

Today, we have Loaves & Fishes, the Food Bank, Social Security disability, SLO Transitions, a homeless shelter for families and a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

Yet we are continually being asked to open our pockets for dollars or swipe our credit cards.


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