Letter to the Editor

Allow home stays

Sierra Madre, Calif.April 30, 2014 

We are Airbnb travelers and have enjoyed stays in many locations, including New York City. As visitors from Los Angeles to your fair city (Arroyo Grande), we heard that there might be issues with the City Council that would affect our future plans.

We began stopping in Arroyo Grande on our way to the Bay Area, but now because of our Airbnb experience there, we’ve made it a destination. Our home away from home has the amenities of a first-class hotel, with the quiet pleasures and privileges of a private home. Travel is always special when you “live as the natives do.”

We’ve gotten to experience Arroyo Grande as insiders: quiet neighborhoods, great restaurants and wineries, local farmers markets, shops, art and artisanal crafts.

Besides immaculate, comfortable lodgings and a complimentary breakfast, our host takes pride in Arroyo Grande and makes us feel welcome with a binder of everything local — from beachcombing to butterflies. We’ve loved our stays so much that we’ve even begun looking for real estate in the area!

Thanks to our Airbnb host, Highway 101 will never be the same. We hope the city can resolve any issues with this wonderful service.

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