Letter to the Editor

Each party’s focus

Shell BeachApril 30, 2014 

It is undeniable that a healthy democracy relies on voter turnout. The higher the turnout, the more perfect the democratic process.

In the political environment of our nation today, we find mainly two major political parties competing for governance:

1. One political party clearly interested in protecting the rich and special-interest groups.

2. The other political party more interested in the commonwealth of the entire nation.

A significant portion of the electorate has failed over the years to grasp this simple distinction either for lack of education or by being cleverly deceived.

To make things more complex, gerrymandering of districts and the Electoral College have created a situation where a minority is imposing its will on the majority.

I cannot see this state of affairs continuing, especially in view of our changing demographics and other factors.

Sooner or later, elections (for any political office) will be decided by popular vote. Representatives of either political party (and possibly future parties) will have to tell voters what they are for instead of what they are against.

Failure to do so will cause them to lose elections.

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