Letter to the Editor

Voices on vagrants

Grover BeachApril 30, 2014 

I want to express my thank-you to the Grover Beach Police Department, especially Chief Jim Copsey, for organizing the community meeting at Ramona Park on April 8.

I am grateful that this issue has been addressed and the city is taking notice of the vagrancy problem at the park. I’m proud that more than 100 people attended and got to voice their concerns. Residents, bus drivers and local business owners voiced their concerns.

It shows that all it takes is one person’s voice, and then a roomful of voices, to make a difference. As citizens of this city and country, we have a right to go to our cities and address any concerns we might have. We don’t have to attack one another — that does not get anything done.

Yes, there are two sides to every story, but the amount of people there and the concerns I heard speak for themselves. People and residents have the right to be safe and be concerned; we just want solutions and ideas for the problem. Thanks to all who show they care, and keep voicing your concerns. Don’t give up!

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