Letter to the Editor

Wrongly placed praise

Pismo BeachApril 28, 2014 

Some bias is detected in Michael Miller’s letter ("The simple difference," April 16), which was critical of the Koch brothers, who are conservative, and in praise of George Soros, who is liberal, for the financial support they provide to differing political causes. I can’t judge the character of those people, because I don’t know them as Mr. Miller apparently does. But I’m inclined to give more credibility to the brothers, whose companies deliver real products to the American people while providing approximately 60,000 jobs, than to an individual who built his fortune on the losses of others, as both a currency trader and hedge and offshore investment fund manager.

Mr. Soros once short-sold $10 billion in British pounds, with an interest in the resultant $1 billion profit for his fund, rather than in the people who ended up with devalued currency.

Also, in comparing corporate CEOs to democratically elected union leaders, the CEOs don’t operate autonomously, as claimed. They only hold their jobs at the pleasure of their boards of directors, which are themselves elected by shareholders to represent shareholder interests.

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