Letter to the Editor

Homestays no problem

Arroyo GrandeApril 28, 2014 

The uproar over Arroyo Grande homestays is unwarranted. One of the Arroyo Grande AirBnB hosts has a patio that is very close to our kitchen, but we were totally unaware that vacation renters had been visiting next door until the person escalating this issue complained to us. (And by the way, this host had operated for a year before he knew.) These were his concerns:

• A danger to his children: Vacationers at an individual’s home are interested in comfort and quiet, not in the nearby children. Strangers walking the neighborhood are the ones to watch.

• Change to the neighborhood: Does renting a room or two directly affect the neighbors if noise is kept down and the guests park in the driveway? Won’t the house in question be kept as neat and attractive as possible, so the guest(s) will want to return? No threat here, just a change that is new to us.

• Other vacation rentals springing up: Don’t think so. Not many have the time or energy to prepare gourmet breakfasts, wash sheets after each guest and clean constantly.

Visiting the home-like atmosphere of a vacation rental shows visitors how great it would be to live here.

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