Letter to the Editor

Unethical and immoral

CambriaApril 26, 2014 

The article “Conservative heavyweights set sights on solar industry” in the April 21 edition was rather disturbing.

The attempt to make solar energy too expensive to be economically feasible is the conservatives’ goal.

As time passes, the theory that our climate is warming and that this is primarily due to human activity (specifically CO2 emission) is becoming increasingly accepted by the scientific community.

The consequences of global climate change are dire for the biosphere (of which we are a part) and the well-being of civilization. We have already seen the beginnings of more frequent weather catastrophes (Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, to mention two).

To not take action to lower CO2 levels, and thereby contribute to the suffering from the consequences of global climate change, is unethical and immoral. To actively try to stop others who want to be a part of the solution to this problem by installing solar or for that matter any other form of renewable energy is profoundly unethical and immoral.

I have confidence that the American public is both ethical and smart enough to see through this campaign and reject it.

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