Letter to the Editor

What’s the goal?

San Luis ObispoApril 25, 2014 

I’d like to respond to our old friend Ralph Bush: Ralph and your fellow climate-change deniers, what’s your goal? I remember reading a scientific report 30 years ago talking about the observance of weather patterns on the East Coast of the United States following the days of the week. Just to be clear: a cloud, high pressure ridge, moose or clam has no connection to the days of the week.

What do we lose? Even if climate change is wildly overblown, if what 98 percent of the world’s scientists agree is a tangible and serious problem turns out to be smoke, what do we have to lose? As we move into sustainable energy sources, conservation practices and efficient energy transmission, we free our nation from foreign energy dependence, clean our air and water, offset the collapse of hydrocarbons, bring energy and the related technologies home.

Again, what is your goal in downplaying the efforts of the vast majority of your fellow citizens?

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