Letters from the chair

We’re all the same

Los OsosApril 25, 2014 

Conservative pundit asked on April 21 if we are “on the verge of erasing the race card?” Noting that “racial division has been amplified, owing not least to sustained media attention,” she nonetheless seems hopeful that “maybe we’re experiencing the final death rattle of our racist past” and that the recent increase in racial division is simply a venting of suppressed thoughts, feelings of anger, hurt and frustration that will allow for the eradication of racial division. She hopes that we’re almost done.

Still, one might expect racial division to continue for some time given that whites, who have for so long dominated this country, are now becoming the minority. Many of them resent it. Further, unease among whites may be attributed to concern that “what goes around comes around” may prove true, and that previous treatment of minorities by whites may now be visited upon whites, the new minority, as retribution for past misdeeds.

It is a shame that we cannot all get past our disdain for varieties of pigmentation and see that, actually, we are all basically the same, and that cultural and ethnic differences can be the sinew that more strongly binds us together.

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