Scans show Kenyon making progess in cancer fight

Coach's tumor has shrunk

Special to The CambrianApril 24, 2014 

Pam Kenyon


The news Pam Kenyon has received from her doctors this week continues to be positive, as the long-time Coast Union varsity volleyball coach inches closer to winning her battle with colon cancer.

The latest CAT scan report Kenyon received from her oncologist reflects continuing good news. “He said the tumor is ‘nowhere near the size it was before,’” Kenyon explained Tuesday, April 22.

That bolsters a CAT scan earlier this year that  showed her virtually cancer-free. Still, there is a question as to whether the shrinking tumor should be removed surgically or not.

In a few days she expects to visit UCLA Medical Center and meet with the head surgeon in the Oncology Department and make a decision as to whether she should undergo surgery.

“At this point, I’m willing to do whatever they say I need to do,” she said. The doctors told her she would have a three-month recovery period following surgery. “I would like to be fully functioning and back in school in September,” she said. So if surgery could be performed in say, mid-May, that may allow her to go back to the job she loves — teaching science and coaching volleyball.

While she may have been in a physical struggle during the chemo and radiation treatments, she said, “I am not psychologically down because of the support from the community of Cambria. To realize how many people are out there really pulling for you is a lift to my spirits.”

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