Letter to the Editor

Protect your pets

NipomoApril 23, 2014 

Allowing pets to roam at will does them no service. By chance this morning, I chased off two adult coyotes attacking a large and friendly neighborhood dog, just outside its open-gated yard. The dog never barked once.

Coyotes live and hunt in the rural open neighborhoods of Nipomo as a fact of nature, and every year they take free-ranging household pets as part of their diet. They train their pups how to hunt the easy pickings, so please, think “safety, first”; fence your yard, and close your gates.

Why gamble on your pets’ survival? Coyotes always take the easiest kills. Sturdy fencing and closed gates will go a long way toward keeping your animals safe, 24/7. Allowing them to roam surely will not. Do you love our pets enough to protect them?

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