Letter to the Editor

The reason for opposition

Paso RoblesApril 22, 2014 

I was glad to see The Tribune put an article on the front page about the attack on solar energy by conservative groups such as the Koch brothers.

In this era of global warming, we need to follow what is happening in the field of renewable energy closely. However, I think the article missed an important point. The opposition to solar energy has very little to do with the viability of the utility companies. They are doing just fine. The primary cause is simple greed. Guys like the Koch brothers are modern-day oil barons, and solar energy has become so cost effective that it is starting to eat into their exorbitant profits.

People are starting to realize they can create their own energy rather than get it from the coal and oil companies. So the oil barons are using the politicians they have purchased to try and stop renewable energy every way they can. I pray we don’t let them.

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