Letter to the Editor

Protest fracking

Grover BeachApril 21, 2014 

On April 8, The Tribune carried a story about fracking being the likely cause of earthquakes in Texas, Oklahoma and Ohio.

On April 11, a front-page story was about oil companies drilling test wells in the Monterey shale in Kern County. Fracking for oil. Alongside the San Andreas Fault. Forcing fluids deep underground to crack rock and free oil. Lubricating the faults; maybe creating new ones.

If less earthquake-prone states are having problems with fracking, who could possibly think it wouldn’t happen here? The relatively few who will make lots of money, that’s who.

Also, expect increased air pollution in a county with some of the worst air in the state, and groundwater pollution. The city of Shafter is allowing the drillers to hook up to fire hydrants for their drilling needs. How can this be justified in a drought in a farming area?

Wake up, Sacramento and the East Bay Area. Wake up, Los Angeles. Do you think this won’t affect you? We have such a wonderful quality of life here. How can we allow this activity? Where are the regulators, the lawmakers? Where is our common sense? Please protest.

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