Letter to the Editor

Face the reality

San Luis ObispoApril 21, 2014 

In regard to the letter by Mr. Arend published April 14, he is the one who is all wet, not Ms. Kulp. There are two nonpartisan sources for Ms. Kulp’s comments. First is the U.S. Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau; second is the latest edi tion of the highly respected Shriver Report. Both have researched and produced the figures Ms. Kulp used. The research takes into account the issues Mr. Arend raises.

But when a female is offered a lower salary when applying for the same position, the questions of job difference, overtime and time off taken for family emergencies don’t come into play. I believe that Mr. Arend still holds the notion that a woman works to supplement her husband’s salary. Well, sir, you are wrong. Most women work to support themselves and their families, and it doesn’t cost 23 percent less for her to support the family than it does a man. She doesn’t get a discount on her mortgage, her utilities, her groceries, her child care or her taxes because she is a woman. The only discount is her salary.

Please, Mr. Arend, dry off, and face the reality of working women.

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