Letter to the Editor

End corporate rule

AtascaderoApril 21, 2014 

Once again, ignoring the problem or pointing the finger in another direction seems to be a solution. The letter writer in Monday’s paper (Duane Fischer) suggested the recent ruling by the Supreme Court allowing more money in election campaigns is OK, as if it levels the playing field, without considering what money, in general, does to politics.

He may be right; the campaign finance system could be skewed to favor unions, an argument the right has made often. At least union dues are aggregate monies, not funds from a single billionaire trying to buy influence.

The campaign finance system is broken; throwing more money at it is not what will fix it. After Citizens United, we had our first billion-dollar election. More money, no matter how many candidates receive it, is not the solution.

It is time for us to stand against corporate and big money interest by taking our government back; not allowing those with the most power to use what they have the most of to buy more. End corporate rule, sign the petition at: http://movetoamend.org.

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