Governor pardons SLO resident for exemplary behavior after 1997 conviction

newsroom@thetribunenews.comApril 18, 2014 

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Gov. Jerry Brown once again issued pardons during a religious holiday season. His 63 pardons on Good Friday went mostly to those convicted of drug offenses who have since obeyed the law.


Gov. Jerry Brown’s office announced Friday the pardon of 63 people who have done their time and have shown exceptional behavior following their release — including a San Luis Obispo resident.

Clark William Guest was convicted in San Luis Obispo Superior Court of felony burglary and subsequently sentenced in 1997 to 60 days in County Jail.

According to the governor’s office news release, Guest committed the crime against his landlord to feed his then-addiction to methamphetamine. He completed his probation in 2002 and now works as Felony Adult Drug Court Program coordinator for San Luis Obispo County.

In the announcement of Guest’s pardon, the governor’s office said that since his release, Guest “has lived an honest an upright life, exhibited good moral character and conducted himself as a law-abiding citizen.”

People convicted of a crime in California can apply to the governor for a pardon, usually after they have obtained a Certificate of Rehabilitation from a Superior Court for demonstrating good behavior following their conviction. 

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