Letter to the Editor

The gender pay gap

San Luis ObispoApril 18, 2014 

Mr. Christopher Arend in his letter of April 14 is 100 percent correct in his assumption that “any employer engaging in gender-based discrimination today is an idiot just begging to get sued.”

The fact remains, however, that in spite of long, dragged-out court proceedings — even when the plaintiffs win — the median earnings for women working full time have been 77 percent of men’s earnings. Like Wall Street, big company employers are too big to lose.

Citing additional research and data is an exercise in futility because Mr. Arend and deniers of the gender pay gap are wearing blinders, and justify it with lame excuses like “entirely the result of the individual choices being made by both male and female workers.” Do not politicize what women who work in this country believe is true, because they live and breathe it, and are motivated to fight for the wages they deserve.

It is a sad commentary that you simply choose to ignore empirical analysis of studies, the voices of American women who have been through the wage disparity, and many more who currently are experiencing the 77 percent phenomenon. Remove your blinders and really look at what is actually happening.

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