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First on list: Avoid becoming listless

Special to The CambrianApril 17, 2014 

Global warming. Polar vortex. Perfect storm. Spring. Despite all the abuse we have thrown at Mother Earth, it has still sprung. Those tender buds, the first splash of color, the intensifying bird song, make me realize why this season symbolizes such hope — its tenacity cannot help but spur me on. I can sit around no longer.

If the calendula can gather strength enough to push through the petrified soil, if somehow our jasmine’s roots can journey to such pockets of the yard as to find moisture that it may bless us with its heady fragrance, I should be able to accomplish the simple tasks I’ve set for myself.

Traditionally one may dig through closets and attics sorting what may still serve a purpose and what may not, tossing, polishing, sweeping dark corners and hanging bedding out in the sun to be purified by the sun’s rays and ocean breezes.

And so I need to do with the fuzzy thoughts in my head. I had a conversation recently wherein someone accused me of not being happy because they perceived me to be jumping from one idea, school of thought, technique or subject to another.

“How can you say you’re happy when you’re always looking?” What’s that quote? “Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”

I think that aptly applies to me. When anyone has ever asked for the one adjective that best describes me, my response is “curious.” How can I not continually study and read and listen and ask? Possibly “restless,” too, always seeking a purpose to fulfill (it’s hard for me to go to a party and not help somehow) (is that different than “restless?). However, “short attention span” does not fit, for if I am interested, I can be quite focused.

Haven’t you ever gotten a book you just couldn’t relate to and so put it on your shelf and then come back five years later with a different set of eyes and realized it is your new favorite because it just speaks to you? It has nothing to do with being happy or not.

Being in the business of helping others heal — well, any profession really — begs one to continually update, educate and collect more tools for the personal tool kit. Does a carpenter not need a special saw or gadget for a new job occasionally?

As the sun starts putting in longer hours and the fauna add some interesting dance moves to their daily routines, I begin to make lists of things to be done around the house. Somehow I seem to be more motivated by the symbolic checking off of accomplishments — possibly a holdover from the ol’ star-on-the-chart days of childhood. (Huh, who knew what a lasting impression that would make?)

Perhaps a list is in order for mental shifts as well: set the tone for each day first thing in the morning; begin your day by breathing deeply that intention several times; think before you speak; speak in positives; avoid absolutes; release negative energy from your life, be it in the form of negative people, situations or other circumstances you have some control over; do something creative every day; meditate.

Most importantly, say thank you. Often. Thank you!

Dianne Brooke’s column is special to The Cambrian. Email her at ltd@ladytiedi.com, or visit her website at www.ladytiedi.com.

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