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cambrian@thetribunenews.comApril 17, 2014 

Dare to disagree

Perhaps a varying opinion to Lady Gaga’s visit to Hearst Castle is in order!

I hesitate to disagree with many in Cambria who praised Lady Gaga’s visit and video productions at the Castle recently and were subsequently made available for viewing to the general public via the local TV stations. I caught a glimpse of one of the videos while watching my local news one evening and was shocked and disturbed at what I saw.

“Lady Gaga” is “no lady,” in my humble opinion. The sexual, vulgar gyrations of almost naked females in the video made me angry and almost sick at my stomach. I’ve lived long enough to observe our young people and young adults in particular embrace this type of music and entertainment, and watch as ultimately many of their values, relationships, marriages, and families have suffered as a result.

When young women don’t respect their bodies, young men won’t respect them either! These actions might be responsible for the rise in sexual assaults and murders of many people, especially young women, in the last 15 to 25 years.

Perhaps an old proverb is appropriate in this situation: “We reap what we sow, more than we sow, and later than we sow.”

Our Country has been reaping what has been sown for many years now. There are millions of us, however, who do not agree with this style of entertainment and the disrespect for and the exploitation of the female.

I wonder how many men out there will be honest enough to say they would not want a wife or children who act like Lady Gaga and others. She’s no lady! A woman who really respects her body will not go around exposing it to the world.

Shelby Silvers


So supportive

My mom was told she has breast cancer on Jan. 9. Since then this news has hit my family very hard. We had an aunt die from breast cancer in Mexico, so the news hit us real close. As a family we have been able to overcome many challenges over the years, but this challenge was a challenge that we would not have to battle by ourselves. We are very thankful to know so many amazing people who were able to help us through generous donations, prayers, desserts, time, food and much more. 

On March 30, we had a fundraiser for my mom, and I would like to thank everyone who supported us that day, in either going and eating some delicious food from Lombardi’s, through baking and purchasing out of this world desserts, donations, and their precious time helping us run this fundraiser. This fundraiser would not have been so successful without the help from everyone in the community.

I would like to thank Martha Goodwin for helping us promote this fundraiser and I would sincerely like to thank Jan Boughter for helping us sell 141 raffle tickets for a total of $1,410, and for Sandra, Valeria and Evelia Marroquin for helping us sell $482.25 in bake sale purchases.

I would also like to thank Tala Romero for helping me organize and run this fundraiser to success. We were able to sell 388 lunch and dinner spaghetti with meatballs, which came to a total of $5, 044. Overall, we were able to fundraise over $10,000 with greatly appreciated donations from our community and through GoFundMe.

This fundraiser would not have been possible without the help from the magnificent cooks from Lombardi’s Pasta Familia: Nestor Hernandez, Carlos Hernandez, Rene Hernandez and their beautiful wives, Mariana Hernandez and Veronica Hernandez. We would also like to thank Shanny Covey for the support that she has given our family, especially my mom. 

My mom has been recently gone through a double mastectomy and is recuperating and she would like to thank all the angels who have helped us in this time of need. We would like to thank you for giving us support, strength, courage and hope to keep looking forward and walk over each and every little bump that comes into our path. 

Monica Melendrez


En Español:

Así que apoyo

Mi mamá fue diagnosticada con cáncer de mama, el 9 de Enero de 2014, desde ese momento esta noticia nos pego muy duro. Tenemos una tía que murió de cáncer de mama en México , por lo que la noticia nos golpeó muy cerca. Como familia, hemos sido capaces de superar muchos desafíos en los últimos años, pero este desafío fue un reto que no íbamos a tener que luchar por nosotros mismos. Estamos muy agradecidos de saber que tantas personas increíbles fueron capaces de ayudarnos a través de generosas donaciones, oraciones, postres , tiempo,  comida y muchos más.

El 30 de marzo , tuvimos una recaudación de fondos para mi mamá, y me gustaría dar las gracias a todos los que nos apoyaron ese día, ya sea de ir y comer la deliciosa comida de Lombardi’s , a través de la cocción y la compra de los mejores postres del mundo , a través de donaciones , y donando su tiempo precioso para ayudarnos a llevar esta recaudación de fondos . Esta recaudación de fondos no sería de tanto éxito sin la ayuda de todos en la comunidad . Me gustaría dar las gracias a Martha Stephens Goodwin que nos ayudaron a promover esta recaudación de fondos y me gustaría sinceramente agradecer Jan Boughter por ayudarnos a vender 141 boletos para la rifa de un total de $ 1,410.00, y para Sandra , Valeria y Evelia Marroquin por ayudarnos a vender $ 482.25 en venta de postres.

También me gustaría dar las gracias a Tala Romero por ayudarme a organizar y dirigir esta recaudación de fondos para el éxito. Fuimos capaces de vender 388 comidas y cenas de espagueti con albóndigas que llegaron a un total de $ 5, 044,00. En general, hemos sido capaces de recaudar fondos de más de $ 10,000.00 con donaciones muy apreciadas de nuestra comunidad y a través GoFundMe . Pero esta recaudación de fondos no habría sido posible sin la asistencia de los cocineros magníficos de Lombardi’s Pasta Familia , Néstor Hernández, Carlos Hernández, René Hernández y sus bellas esposas Mariana Hernández y Verónica Hernández. También nos gustaría dar las gracias a Shanny Covey por el apoyo que le ha dado a nuestra familia, especialmente a mi madre.

Mi madre recientemente fue operada por una mastectomía doble y se está recuperando y a ella le gustaría dar las gracias a todos los ángeles que conoce que nos han ayudado en este momento de necesidad. Nos gustaría darles las gracias a todos por darnos el apoyo , la fuerza y la esperanza de seguir mirando hacia adelante y caminar sobre cada pequeño obstáculo que se nos pone enfrente y darnos la fe que todo va a salir bien. No hay manera de agradecer a toda la comunidad por todo el apoyo que nos han brindado.

Monica Melendrez


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