Letter to the Editor

What ‘choice’?

San Luis ObispoApril 17, 2014 

Christopher Arend’s April 14 letter in response to Bette Kulp’s well-researched and factual letter (April 9) outlining the disparity in earned income between men and women in the United States on the occasion of Equal Pay Day was both sexist and ignorant.

His claim that women earn less because they “choose” to work fewer hours, or “choose” to take time off to raise children begs the bigger question: Who else will take care of the household and raise the children, so men can “choose” to work full time? Without quality available child care, women have no “choice.”

Kudos to Kulp for raising this important and lingering obstruction to women’s equality of opportunity. Unfortunately, Arend’s attitude shows why the War on Women is a reality, and not just a perception of “desperate Democratic candidates and the mainstream media.”

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