Letter to the Editor

Things will be fine

Los OsosApril 17, 2014 

Thank you to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors for its ruling in favor of the Los Osos McDonald’s.

One has to wonder what’s happened in some of our citizens’ lives to make them so sour. If you’re among the minority of the population opposing Mcdonald’s, then don’t go. The rest of our town, with its 15,000-plus population, and the visitors we have are the ones who will make Mcdonald’s successful.

Imagine if that amount of energy and time was spent by the opposition actively doing something about what they do want in that space, rather than worrying so much about who did or said what and why — Los Osos could already be that extra special and thriving place we all want it to become.

The same longtime complainers are the ones who seem to stay the most involved, and yet they accomplish very little positive outcome.

Please, start turning the negative into positive, and amazing things can happen. Stop fighting and arguing, work together and things will all be fine, even with a McDonald’s.

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