Letter to the Editor

Don’t need another

Los OsosApril 17, 2014 

This letter is a response to those who believe that having a McDonald’s in Los Osos is good for our community. To those who are unaware, here are some facts about this corporation (from financial news website 24/7 Wall Street):

Out of the 10 corporations that pay their workers the least, McDonald’s ranks No. 2, behind Walmart. The CEO, Donald Thompson, makes $13.8 million per year, annual revenue is $27.6 billion, and net income is $5.46 billion.

In light of these enormous numbers, many of its full-time employees, in order to survive, enroll in local food stamp and welfare programs, thus putting an extra burden on local taxpayers.

This is outrageous! There are already 14,157 McDonald’s in America. I think Los Osos can do without the 14,158th.

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