Letter to the Editor

Responsible visitors

CambriaApril 16, 2014 

I have to respond to the letter from Paul Melikian regarding having to pay for water at a Cambria restaurant.

If he and his family visit our town several times a year, they should know that we are in a water crisis in which a single-person household, such as mine, is limited to 748 gallons of water each month, and no outside watering with potable water. We residents are reduced to using paper cups and plates, showering only once a week, flushing our toilets only once per day, and using delivered bottled water for our drinking needs.

Visitors can come to our fair city and stay in a motel, take all the showers they want and flush toilets as many times as needed. Most restaurants in Cambria charge a minimal 35 cents for bottled water, which all we town residents support.

Apparently, some of our visitors are not willing to support us in our time of extreme need and should just stay at home in Kingsburg, Calif., where they can get “free” water from their taps. We want visitors: responsible, caring visitors.

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