Letter to the Editor

Redirect outrage

Shell BeachApril 14, 2014 

I read with interest Leonard Pitts column in The Tribune on April 9. He was alarmed that campaign finance rules were further relaxed by a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling. He stated that the system is polluted by “billions of dollars in contributions from corporations and billionaires.”

The ruling actually allows an individual to give the maximum allowed, currently $3,800, to as many candidates as he or she would like. Hardly a billion. Otherwise, there was no change in the law.

Further, he fails to mention that over the last 25 years the seven largest groups or individuals making campaign donations were labor unions. Over 95 percent of those donations went to one party, the Democrats he favors.

Most of the money today does not go directly to a candidate, as those amounts are capped. He would also decry money going to shadow groups that Democrats loathe.

Interesting that this week it was published that the largest recipient of Medicare dollars is an ophthalmologist from Florida, to the tune of $20.8 million. He in turn gave $700,000 to Democrat Sen. Harry Reid’s Majority PAC. Let your outrage flow in the right direction.

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